100 Facts about the All-New Elantra

Everything you ever want to know about the all-new 2017 Hyundai Elantra, Clarington Hyundai and Oshawa Hyundai
1.    In 2016, the Elantra nameplate will achieve over 500,000 Elantra sales in Canada since it's debut in 1991.

2.    Did you know the Elantra nameplate has ranked #2 (after Civic) in the Canadian market (total sales) for the past 3 years?

3.    2017 MY represents the 6th generation of Elantra (1st 1990, 2nd 1995, 3rd 2000, 4th 2006, 5th 2010, and 6th 2016 Calendar year).

4.    The 5th generation Elantra has won numerous awards including the North American Car of the Year (NACOTY), AJAC Car of the Year (COTY) in 2012 and ALG Residual Value Award (RVA) for 3-years running.  It also won Top-Picks by Consumer Reports in 2011 and JD Power Initial Quality Survey (IQS) in 2014.

5.    In 2014, Hyundai sold over 10,000,000 Elantra units globally, or on average, more than 45 new Elantras every hour, every day, every year since its introduction in 1990.

6.    The 2017 Elantra will be built in Ulsan, Korea and Alabama, USA and will be sold globally.

7.    The Elantra is backed by a 5-year / 100,000km comprehensive warranty.

8.    The styling of the 2017 Elantra's front bumper air vents was influenced by the air intakes on fighter jets.

9.    The 2017 Elantra's new 2.0L Atkinson engine leverages the benefits of hybrid technology to deliver the best of both worlds.  The Atkinson engine, while consuming less fuel, provides increased power (HP & torque) for a more engaging driving experience without compromising performance!

10.    The 2.0L Atkinson engine includes multiple new technologies that deliver increased efficiency.
-Intermediate Valve Cam Phaser
-High voltage ignition coil
-Electrically controlled thermostat
-Piston cooling jets

11.    The 2.0L Atkinson Cycle engine in the all-new Elantra features an electric thermostat that allows for greater control of engine coolant resulting in decreased friction and improved efficiency.

12.    The Atkinson 2.0L engine is equipped with a High Energy Ignition Coil that improves ignition performance resulting in increased efficiency.

13.    The 2nd generation 6-speed automatic transmission uses an optimized oil pump for improved efficiency.

14.    The all-new Elantra features 53% Advanced High Strength steel, increased from 21% in the previous Elantra (reinforces the structure's rigidity and contributes to fundamental improvements in the ride, handling, quietness, durability and performance).

15.    The All-new Elantra has 120 metres of structural adhesive (40x more than the previous Elantra model).  Structural adhesive improves vehicle driving dynamics and collision safety by reinforcing the vehicle's body structure.  It also reinforces welding points and seals the interior structure from air and wind leaks.

16.    The 2017 Elantra achieved a level of durability and quality that meets the Belgian road limit durability test - which is 100 times stricter than conventional road tests.

17.    The 2017 Elantra uses over 77% more rust prevention steel to improve durability.

18.    With a structure composed of 53% AHSS combined with 120 metres of structural adhesive, the 2017 Elantra delivers 27% higher torsional stiffness resulting in an improved driving experience.

19.    The rear suspension geometry in the all-new Elantra has been redesigned with vertical shock absorbers resulting in major ride and handling improvements.

20.    The all-new Elantra features larger rear bushings which result in a better ride for both normal and choppy driving conditions.

21.    Suspension improvements on the all-new Elantra include increased damping force which improves flat ride at higher speeds.

22.    The all-new Elantra features improved ride comfort thanks to its revised rear shock absorber and spring setup, and Macpherson strut-type suspension on the front of the vehicle.

23.    The all-new Elantra features 3 different drive modes (Automatic only).  Eco, normal, and Sport modes allow the driver to adapt the throttle, transmission, and steering to their driving needs.

24.    Elantra features an available 2nd generation 6-speed transmission with improved efficiency and more direct feeling.

25.    With improved Motor-Driven Power steering (MDPS), you get smooth and stable handling, and better response at variable speeds.

26.    The 2017 Elantra features a 0.27 aerodynamic Coefficient of Drag - even lower than the Nissan Leaf EV.

27.    Aerodynamic improvements to the 2017 Elantra include front bumper air vents, a lower rear bumper spoiler, increased trunk length and CTBA undercover improved air resistance around rear suspension spring parts.

28.    The all-new Elantra front bumper features functional air curtains that minimize air twisting around the wheel area for increased fuel efficiency and vehicle stability.

29.    A series of undercover panels below the vehicle optimize the aerodynamics to reduce air friction.

30.    The 2017 Elantra features a rear bumper spoiler that redirects airflow to increase the downforce to give a more planted and confident drive.

31.    An increase in trunk length helps reduce airflow resistance.

32.    The all-new Elantra is expected to receive the highest safety awards from both IIHS and 5-Star Safety rating.

33.    5x more hot stamping than the previous generation Elantra provides each part of the SUPERSTRUCTURE with a specific role to perform in the event of a collision.

34.    The new 2017 Elantra features dual-impact beams in the rear doors that enhance passenger protection in the event of a collision.

35.    The all-new Elantra features an emergency seatbelt fastening device that immediately and firmly captures the pelvic area to minimize injury in the event of a collision.

36.    The all-new Elantra features 7 airbags including a new driver's knee airbag.

37.    Airbag technology improvement; redesigned side curtain airbag protection has been enhanced with extended coverage to the driver's and passenger's body side area for further protection of vulnerable organs.

38.    Redesigned airbag technology benefits the front passenger by absorbing impact when deployed and delaying inflation to reduce whiplash effect.

39.    The 2017 Elantra is equipped with High-Tension Seat Frames for improved crash performance during a collision.

40.    When an emergency stop is detected, Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) balances the braking forces at each wheel when the car is dynamically loaded, while Brake Assist provides the driver with maximum ABS-level braking force to effectively reduce stopping distance.

41.    Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with Traction Control System (TCS) helps maintain steering control for emergency braking under any road conditions.

42.    2017 Elantra adds a high efficiency air filter that collects micro dust (under 2.5 um).

43.    For optimal driver visibility with a premium wiping performance and a more pleasing aesthetic, the washer nozzles are recessed and concealed below the hood.

44.    The all-new Elantra features an available rear-view camera with dynamic guidelines to help the driver visually guide the vehicle into a parking space.

45.    The all-new Elantra features available automatic high-beam assist that will automatically activate or deactivate when sensors detect a vehicle in front.

46.    The all-new Elantra features and available lamp disconnect diagnostic system that alerts the driver when a light has stopped working on the vehicle's exterior (excludes LED lights and HID headlamps).

47.    Safety window (pinch control) sensors automatically lower the window by 150mm when a finger or other obstruction is detected in the window's frame.

48.    The power sunroof (standard on GLS trim and higher) features a safety sensor that prevents closure when it detects an object blocking its path).

49.    Thicker glass in the front door and rear windshield result in improved cabin quietness.

50.    The dash panel pass-through hole size has been reduced by 25% to minimize engine noise in the cabin.

51.    Felt has been added to the rear wheel liners for improved cabin quietness.

52.    Expandable foam has been applied to all pillars of the 2017 Elantra for a quieter cabin quietness.

53.    An increase in carpet density decreases road noise.

54.    Underbody covers optimize quietness and improve aerodynamics.

55.    The 2017 Elantra features available Blind Spot Detection that warns the driver of an unsafe lane change.

56.    With the available Rear Cross Traffic Alert, the all-new Elantra warns of approaching vehicles/objects when reversing out of a parking spot.

57.    The 2017 Elantra's available Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) with Pedestrian Detection issues a warning of a potential collision and will automatically apply emergency braking if the driver fails to respond.

58.    With available Lane Keep Assist System (LKAS), the 2017 Elantra will help keep you in your lane if you drift out of your lane without using the turn indicator.

59.    The 2017 Elantra features available High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlights with Adaptive Cornering System (ACS) for added visibility around corners at night.

60.    Android Auto will be available on both the 7" touchscreen (GL and GLS trims) and 8" touchscreen (Limited and Ultimate pkg).  Android Auto, a smartphone projection developed by Google, allows Android devices to be operated through the vehicle's touchscreen.

61.    Android Auto can:
-project Google Maps on your vehicle;s touchscreen.
-let you make calls and receive messages while keeping your hands on the wheel.
-access apps and content and stream music.
-deliver useful information in the form of simple cards that appear on your vehicle's screen when needed.

62.    The all-new Elantra offers "class-above" roominess with more interior volume (passenger and cargo) than some premium models like Audi A4, Buick Regal, and Acura TLX.

63.    The vehicle's interior is designed to accommodate the driver with the front dash (including the screen) tilted at a 7 degree angle to improve visibility.

64.    Through the 2017 Elantra is 20mm longer and 25mm wider than its predecessor, its wheelbase remains unchanged at a class-leading 2700mm.

65.    The 2017 Elantra gains 66mm of rear leg room.

66.    Improved Interior Roominess:
-rear headroom increases 5mm.
-Front / rear shoulder room increases 8/13mm.

67.    The all-new Elantra features a 1-inch wider trunk opening for easier access.  

68.    The 2017 Elantra's new A-Pillar design improves the driver's view and delivers improved headroom and shoulder space.

69.    The interior brushed metal door trim enhances the 2017 Elantra with a sense of harmonic design that flows from door to door through the front panel.

70.    The 2017 Elantra will be the first and only (at time of launch) Compact Car to offer standard heated seats.

 71.    The 2017 Elantra GL will offer a standard heated leather steering wheel to ensure hands stay warm on cold days.  A standard feature no other Compact Car manufacturer offers on their volume trim.

72.    The 2017 Elantra GL will offer standard Blind Spot Detection for enhanced safety while changing lanes.  No other Compact Car manufacturer offers this standard feature on their volume trim.

73.    Heated rear seats will be available as a standard feature on the 2017 Elantra GLS.  You need to order a 2016 Civic Touring to be able to keep your passengers warm.

74.    Passenger seat height adjuster comes standard on the all-new Elantra.

75.    The all-new Elantra features available power seats with Integrated Memory System (IMS) allowing 2 drivers to store their customized seat and side mirror settings.

76.    When the driver's seat is equipped with available Integrated Memory System (IMS), the power exterior mirrors can automatically tilt down 5 degrees when the vehicle is in reverse to make parking easier.

77.    The 8-way power seat, standard on the Limited and Ultimate package, features 4 directions: forward and backward sliding, entire seat height adjustment, cushion front height adjustment and seat reclining angle adjustment.

78.    With the exception of the GLS, Limited and Ultimate, all 2017 Elantra models feature rear cup holders integrated into the centre console.  For the GLS, LImited and Ultimate, rear cup holders are integrated into the rear armrest.

79.    The all-new Elantra features a multi-firmness seat pad that offers improved support and comfort while reducing driver fatigue over long distances.

  Elantra's eco-friendly seats feature Lear's SoyFoam.  The customer benefit is increased peace of mind from a net reduction in environmental impact of 5.5kg of CO2 for each kg used.

81.    The all-new Elantra features available LED rear tail lights for premium style ad improved visibility (limited and Ultimate package).

82.    Front door pocket lighting turns on when approaching the vehicle (1M) or when remotely unlocking a vehicle equipped with a proximity key with smart key and push button start (GLS trim and higher).

83.    The exterior grip-type door handles provide a premium look and feel to the 2017 Elantra.

84.    The 2017 Elantra displays Hyundai's signature hexagonal grille highlighting its bold and dynamic design.

85.    The 7" touchscreen is standard on the GL and GLS trims while the 8" touchscreen with Navigation system is standard on the Limited trim and Ultimate package.

86.    The Infinity 8-speaker sound system boasts 315W of power.

87.    Infinity premium sound offers Surround Sound, 3D Realistic Sound, extensive equalizer modes and a reinforced low range with an improved subwoofer.

88.    The Infinity 8-speaker sound system will also include Clari-Fi technology that analyzes didgital audio during playback and "rebuilds" what was lost in compression.

89.    In the 2017 Elantra, the cruise control buttons are located on the steering wheel and are illuminated for easy access in low-light conditions.

90.    The Auto Defogging system (with full auto air conditioning system on the GLS trims and higher) senses condensation on the windshield and automatically initiates a defog process to ensure safe and optimal visibility despite the presence of high humidity or extreme temperatures.

91.    The 2017 Elantra L and LE trims will come standard with 3.5" segment LCD cluster display.

92.    The 2017 Elantra GL and GLS trims will offer a 3.5: Driver Information cluster display.

93.    The 2017 Elantra Limited and Ultimate Package will offer a 4.3" colour Driver Information cluster display.

94.    The centre console features a hidden storage compartment for small items while the Limited trim and Ultimate package will also include a sliding armrest for added comfort.

95.    3-stage Door Checker:  Every 2017 Elantra will offer increased door opening and closing convenience with 3-stage door openings of 34, 50, and 70 degrees.  The 2016 Elantra offers only 35 and 70 degrees.

96.    Hands-free Smart Trunk release: When standing for 3 seconds behind a 2017 Elantra equipped with Proximity Key and Push button start (GLS trim and above), the trunk will automatically open.

97.    A full trunk handle is now integrated into the rear of the car to help keep hands clean by alleviating the need for pushing down on the outside of the body when closing the trunk.

98.    The all-new Elantra features 3 different wheel options 15" Steel, 16" alloy, and 17" alloy.

99.    The 2017 Elantra will have a shark fin antenna that offers superior sensitivity and adds a premium styling point to the exterior of the vehicle.

100.    Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC) (Automatic transmission only); When switching from the brake to the gas pedal on an incline, brake power is temporarily maintained to help prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards.

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