2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6

Hyundai IONIQ 6 Coming Soon Port Hope Cobourg

The latest in our EV evolution.

Behold the the newest leap forward in electric mobility, the IONIQ 6.

The clean simple lines and purely aerodynamic form reflect the Hyundai designers’ commitment to satisfy both the aesthetic and functional needs of our customers.

Discover the unique and timeless design of the next generation of EVs.


A streamliner for the street

Aesthetics and function come together harmoniously in the streamlined and distinctive silhouette of the IONIQ 6. From its transparent textures to its unique parametric pixel lights to its perfectly smooth, uninterrupted surface, the IONIQ 6 represents a new direction in electric mobility.

Ioniq Exterior

Electric inside and out

The personal space of the IONIQ 6 is a harmonious balance of clean, simple lines and sensuous curves. You’ll feel it every time you sit behind the wheel. Technology, comfort and thoughtful design come together to make every moment in an IONIQ 6 truly exceptional.

Ioniq Electric


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