Get to know the Lauria Team – 10 Questions with Dion Fleury

March 14th, 2018 by

Welcome are back to the latest edition of the world famous “10 Questions”, this time we have our brand new sales & leasing consultant, Dion Fleury, in the hot seat!

Now I must admit that I liked Dion right off the bat, but that has absolutely nothing to do with him. Let me explain…

As many of my thousands of readers may remember, I am a die-hard Calgary Flames fan owing to my growing up out West in the glory days of the Flames, and anyone named Fleury is top-notch in my book!

What a player he was! Should be in the HOF soon!

Anyways, we are here to introduce you to Dion so I better get back on track! Here are 10 Questions with Dion Fleury:

Q). If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?
A). California. Went there for Barrett Jackson one year and almost didn’t come back!!

Q). What is your favourite holiday? What do you like to do?
A). Any summer long-weekend! I can get out and cruise in my classic car.
Editor’s note: I have only seen Dion’s daily driver, and trust me, it is no classic. Definitely, have to find out more about this!

Q). What is your favourite movie?
A). Toss up between “Shawshank Redemption” or “The Green Mile”.

Q). Favourite band?
A). Evanescence! Amy Lee’s vocals are haunting.

Q). What do you enjoy most about working at Lauria?
A). Working here is like being part of a family. It is such a warm and inviting place to work and we all care about our customers like they are family.

Q). What are your hobbies?
A). Restoring classic cars, playing basketball with my kids, movies, and travel.

Q). If you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be?
A). I would warn everyone to sleep through 2016. Man, that was a bad year!

Q). What celebrity would you most like to go on a date with?
A). Danica Patrick! That woman can do no wrong!
Danica Patrick get to know the Lauria Hyundai team.png

Q). If you could have dinner with any 3 people, alive or dead, who would it be?
A). I would ask Albert Einstein what his favourite joke was, Stan Lee about his favourite movie cameo, and Marshall Mathers (Eminem) about his thoughts on anything as long as he talked normally without the Eminem persona.
Editor’s note: That may be the most specific (and weird) answer we have had to this question!

Q). Who is your hero?
A). My Dad.
Editor’s note: Short and sweet. I like it!

Well, there you have it. 10 questions with Dion Fleury!

If you’re looking for a new vehicle, Dion is your man. He is as friendly as it gets and will take care you every step of the way!