Hyundai Canada delivers three Hydrogen-powered NEXO vehicles to Québec-based Charbone Hydrogen

June 12th, 2023 by

Hyundai Auto Canada is proud to announce that Charbone Hydrogen has taken possession of three 2023 Hyundai NEXO hydrogen fuel cell vehicles at Brossard Hyundai in Québec.

  • This partnership represents a step forward towards the development of Canada’s hydrogen network
  • The NEXOs will be presented by Charbone in Montréal as part of the Grand Prix Festival on Crescent Street from June 15 to 18

Brossard, QC (June 12, 2023) – Hyundai Auto Canada is proud to announce that Charbone Hydrogen has taken possession of three 2023 Hyundai NEXO hydrogen fuel cell vehicles at Brossard Hyundai in Québec. The key handover ceremony was attended by members of Charbone management, Hyundai representatives and dealership staff.

The NEXOs acquired through Foss National Leasing will be used by Charbone to promote and demonstrate the use of mobility powered by green hydrogen in the Montreal areas, federal, provincial, municipal authorities and other stakeholders in Canada and United States. On this subject, Charbone recently announced an agreement with the Filgo-Sonic Group for the establishment of a network of refueling stations in Québec.

“The addition of Hyundai NEXO vehicles in Charbone’s fleet will be a giant step forward in realizing the viability of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Canada, and Québec in particular,” says Ken Maisonville, director of sales at Hyundai Auto Canada. “Decarbonizing mobility as we know it is a monumental undertaking, and we applaud Charbone for their bold work on this front and raising much-needed awareness on energy transition possibilities.”

The vehicles will be presented by Charbone in Montréal during the Grand Prix Festival on Crescent Street from June 15 to June 18 inclusively. On-site, the public will be able to familiarize themselves with the technologies related to the production, distribution and uses of the green hydrogen produced by Charbone and the technology of Hyundai cars. They will also have the chance to see and learn about vehicle filling techniques with an on-site compressed hydrogen refueling station.

For Charbone, Hyundai Canada represents a true partner in the Canadian market to promote green mobility given that Hyundai has more electrified nameplates in the consumer market than any other brand and is one of the first to offer hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Canada. Charbone believes that for the impending energy transition and the future of mobility, green hydrogen is the optimal fuel. Charbone’s partnership with Hyundai Canada will be decisive in the pursuit of its mission and her values. The lease agreement with FOSS will also play a key role in the deployment of Charbone’s green hydrogen production facilities across Canada.

“Charbone is so excited with the partnership with Hyundai Canada and FOSS” says Dave B. Gagnon, Chairman and CEO of Charbone. “We are eager to receive the cars and drive them around the Montreal region to showcase the concept of hydrogen. This is also an opportunity to show there is no reduction of autonomy in winter with alternate fuels, and that our future subsidiary Charbone Lab, will have the ability, along with local academic partners, to study and report on the reliability of the Hyundai NEXO in Québec weather.”

About the Hyundai NEXO

NEXO is powered by hydrogen, a fully sustainable energy source, which allows the vehicle to emit clean water vapour and purify the air as it is being driven. This technology also provides the vehicle with superior range conservation in cold climates compared to other battery electric powertrains, making them particularly resilient for Canadian winters. What’s more – a five minute refill will carry you for up to 570 KM.

About Charbone

Charbone is a Canadian green hydrogen group established in North America. The company’s strategy is to develop modular and expandable hydrogen facilities and regional hubs. With the acquisition of hydroelectric power plants in the United States and Canada, Charbone will be able to produce green dihydrogen molecules using reliable and sustainable energy in order to distinguish itself as a supplier of an ecological solution for industrial and commercial companies.

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