The Lauria Hyundai Blog – The Genesis New York Concept

March 14th, 2018 by

There are some vehicles that are made to go from point A to point B in a dependable, safe, and fuel-efficient manor. They have air conditioning and a radio and you can comfortably get to work or the grocery store and be perfectly happy with them. At the end of the day you are perfectly content with the value you receive and happy with your decision, but at the same time, that car doesn’t get your heart pumping.

Driving the A to B car doesn’t reach down into your gut and touch your soul as you drive with passion and exhilaration.

Last month at the NY Auto Show Hyundai debuted their new Genesis New York Concept and it is quite the opposite. One look at this car inspires me to imagine driving down the California coastline and ripping in and out of corners or pulling up to a movie premiere with a famous model on my arm as the flashbulbs go off and we walk the red carpet….sorry, may have started day dreaming a little bit there. To get more to the point, this concept is ABSOLUTFREAKINAMAZING and I cannot wait until we get to see it for real one day down the road!

Check out this video below from the Verge who were at the NY Show live, and then see the amazing photos below!

Those rims….the copper interior…the giant touch screen….the F1 steering wheel……the amazing lines……oh man, back to fantasy land I go….