Used Car Review: 2011 Equus Signature

March 14th, 2018 by

Spring is finally upon us and this brings many great things. The NHL Playoffs are in full swing – no Canadian teams 🙁 – the Blue Jays have begun their quest for a 3rd World Series Title, lawns need to be cut, snow shovels are put away and we can finally hang up the parkas!

There is one other reason I, your fearless auto blogger, have been anxiously waiting for Spring: Used Car Reviews! I try to review one of our vehicles every other week or so, but with the gross weather of Winter I got a little sidetracked and it is never fun to display photos from the review of cars covered in mud, rain, salt, snow etc. So basically I took a little hiatus in mid-December!

Fear not however, because I am back and will be cruising around Port Hope and Cobourg with a dealer plate flapping in the wind from now on!

Before I get going let’s get my usual disclosure out of the way:

Full disclosure #1 – I am an employee here at Lauria Hyundai. I help keep the inventory up to date and in my spare time write these incredibly entertaining blog posts.

Full disclosure #2 – I don’t sell cars and don’t know a ton about how they actually work! I can tell you how nice a car is to drive but I will use words like fun or powerful, I won’t be breaking down how the improved alloy solenoids displacement make the torque direct inject horsepower better than the previous year’s engine by 2.83%

My review this week almost looks like I am trying to cheat, and I don’t blame you for thinking that. I decided to take out the 2011 Equus Signature luxury sedan that was recently traded in for a brand new Hyundai Genesis. I can hear you whining “you just took the best car out for fun and called it work!” Well, duh… I mean seriously, if you get a chance to take this car out on the highway around Northumberland are you going to choose the economical hatchback? That being said I had no idea what I was in for as I have never even sat in an Equus before and really knew nothing about it.

Equus is the top level luxury brand of Hyundai. In the near future there are plans to actually create an entire Genesis Luxury Brand separate from Hyundai similar to other manufacturers. There are plans for 6 different models over the next few years (see the Genesis New York Concept blog from April 18) and the Equus name will change to be a part of that brand.

Whoah, that was a tangent. Where was I? Ah yes, Equus is the ultra luxury car offering from Hyundai and it is a very rare vehicle we do not see rolling through the used lot on a regular basis so this one is pretty special.

Upon sitting in the driver’s seat my senses were hit with just how luxurious this vehicle is. The seats are a beautiful, soft leather and there are convenience features everywhere you look. The power seats have more options for you to sit in than I thought were even possible and it has a really cool feature that lets you fold in the side mirrors when you park with the touch of a button. The Navigation is really easy to use with the control knob-thigymabob and man is the stereo system amazing!! The steering wheel and dash maintain a luxurious touch and feel as well, and even the roof liner in the Equus screams luxury car. I am not positive it is suede, but it sure looks and feels like it and man does it look good!

The interior space is enormous in this car, especially for back seat passengers. As I have mentioned in previous reviews I am shaped similar to an offensive lineman on the Toronto Argos (in width at least) and I had so much room in the backseat I was blown away. With the driver seat all the way back I still felt like I was sitting on a comfortable recliner at home! One last little tidbit about the interior is it has a power sunshade for the back window. Right from the driver’s seat you can control this shade moving up and down and although it is a little feature, it is cool to see just how much thought went into the design of this car.

I think it goes without saying that driving this car is an absolute delight. The 4.6L V8 implanted the back of my head into the headrest upon accelerating and it corners like a sports car. I have never really been a big luxury sedan guy, and not just because of the price tag (although let’s be honest, that is a major concern too). Bigger sedans always seemed like they would be no fun to drive. Well, that is certainly not the case here with the Equus. It is so quiet and smooth whether in a tight corner or driving down the 401 that is has me very excited to take it out again soon. As for the price tag issue I mentioned earlier, that is maybe the best part of this being a USED luxury sedan, as it is a truly outstanding vehicle priced under $22K! We may have vehicles that cost less in the used inventory, but I can bet none of them are as nice to drive!

So to sum everything up – I LOVE THIS CAR! That is about as clear as I can make it. It is super fun to drive, looks amazing, and whether I am driving to the corner store across Canada this car is as comfortable as it will get.